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We are Pair of Thieves

… and we’re here to make basics a lot less basic.

We set out to make a better sock and ended up reinvigorating an entire category.

Pair of Thieves blends bold designs with high performance elements to make all our products Ready for Everything. We don’t claim to be extreme, and we will never be boring—we’re as comfortable checking our Instagram likes from 9 to 5 as we are in a heated curling match or at the skate park. We use performance technology to improve comfort and wearability… don’t call us Athleisure.

Cash Warren


Cash uses his incredible smile and charm to eschew having any real responsibilities. He likes to think it was his idea to start Pair of Thieves and we don’t really tell him otherwise. There is no one that Cash doesn’t know, or love…and occasionally we meet some people who even love him back.


Alan Stuart


Alan fancies himself the artiste of the brand. He and his design studio, One Long House, have been helping brands speak clearly and look awesome for years… it’s about time he create something useful with his bare hands, says his father.


David Ehrenberg


David is the business end of the mullet, leading development, manufacturing and operations. Years of experience in mass retail and manufacturing have made him perfectly suited for making this a real business. His large collection of white socks, though, leaves work to be done.


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