We built this loungewear to do it all… or nothing at all, with the perfect blend of soft fabrics and flattering fit. Soft for lazy days in, stylish for journeys out.

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SuperSoft Pajama Pants
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Best Loungewear for Men

Sweatpants are dead. The next level in cozy comfort is all new Pair of Thieves loungewear. These are incredibly comfortable tops, and joggers style lounge pants that will have your body completely resenting you for not finding these goods sooner.

Loungewear Pants: Sweatpants & Joggers

Your old sweatpants can be put down now thanks to Pair of Thieves men’s lounge pants. These are stylish, modern pieces made in the most comfortable fabrics. So, really comfy sleepy time clothes you can wear in public, without looking like you escaped from a place.

Loungewear Shorts

We built these lounge shorts to do it all… or nothing at all, with the perfect blend of cotton, viscose, and spandex. Soft for lazy days, built for frantic errand-running, and styled for honoring leg day.

French Terry Lounge

French terry joggers, shorts, sweatpants and sweatshirts: The Statue of Liberty, fries, toast, kissing, and that mustard? The generosity of the French knows no limits, and now we can enjoy their amazing Terry loungewear. Merci so dang much!


Can I sleep in loungewear?

You sure can. Our loungewear is ideal from sheets to streets. Super comfy and crazy stylish.

Can loungewear be worn outside?

Yes, but only if you enjoy walking in comfort, loads of compliments, and envious stares.

What is the purpose of loungewear? 

You’d think we’d say lounging, but our collection is great for so much more. Loungewear is a collection of tops and bottoms made for luxurious comfort but stylish enough to wear in the outside world.

What are lounge pants? 

Lounge pants are pants built in our softest, most comfortable materials. They’re engineered for comfort yet designed stylish enough to wear outside.

Can you wear lounge pants as pajamas?

Lounge pants make excellent pajamas. They’re also stylish enough that you can look great wearing them out and about.

Are sweatpants and joggers the same?

No. Typical competitor’s sweatpants are a baggy, unflattering mess. Our jogger has a modern tapered fit that makes them as stylishly sleek as they are comfortable.

Why do they call it a sweatshirt?

Sweatshirts are soft, loose, long-sleeved pullovers that can be used to break a sweat during physical activity, but they are just as good for looking great dry and doing nothing at all.