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Men's Underwear

 Pair of Thieves men’s underwear is the ultimate loins spoiling, package-affirming, best men’s underwear your boys will ever know. From standard boxer briefs to trunks, to long boxer briefs, and every cut in between, you’re guaranteed to find yourself a damn good pair. Comfortable, supportive, and stylish, Pair of Thieves underwear is designed to look as good as it feels. Whether you’re in the market for a fresh, fun pattern, or if you’re more of a solid-color guy, you’ll find your perfect pair.

Experience a softness unlike any other in our SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend underwear. For performance underwear that’s designed to work with you, try SuperFit light and stretchy micro-mesh men’s underwear. If you’re still left wondering what’s the best underwear for men, it’s the underwear that works best for you. Go on, get yourself a wingman for your whatzis. 

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Men's Underwear SuperFit Boxer Briefs 2 Pack, blue green and pink
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S M L X 2 3 One Size
SuperFit Trunks 2 Pack, black and colorful paint splatter pattern
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S M L X One Size
SuperFit Long Boxer Briefs 2 Pack, black geometric line design and black
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S M L X One Size
supersoft boxer brief 2 pack, paint splatter boxer brief, black boxer brief
2 Pack
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X S M L X 2 3 One Size
superfit long boxer brief 2 pack, white dots on black long boxer briefs, black long boxer briefs
2 Pack
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S M L X 2 3 One Size
supersoft trunk 2 pack, galactic trunk, black trunk
2 Pack
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S M L X One Size
SuperFit Boxer Briefs 2 Pack, black and colorful paint splatter
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S M L X 2 One Size
Men's Underwear SuperFit Trunks 2 Pack BLACK/WHITE
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Men's Underwear SuperFit Long Boxer Briefs 2 Pack BLACK/SEAWEED
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S M L X One Size

From the black-tie party to the blacklight afterparty, Pair of Thieves men’s underwear doesn’t skip a beat. This collection of underwear includes 7 different styles: boxer briefs, long boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, boxers, bikinis, and jockstraps. Our two fabrics, SuperFit and SuperSoft, give you maximum comfort and support for every occasion. What’s the difference, you ask? SuperFit combines lightweight mesh with integrated breezeway channels to keep your lower goods happy all day long. SuperSoft’s blend of cotton and viscose feels so soft that you may even feel sad taking them off.

The Best Underwear for Men

You’ve never experienced men’s underwear like Pair of Thieves. But don’t take our word for it: check out our reviews from fans and general junk-comfort spokespersons alike who started with one pair, then replaced their entire drawer.    

Boxer Briefs

Pair of Thieves boxer briefs are pure perfection. Like the captain of the football team rescuing a puppy at homecoming perfection. This top-drawer staple offers you the best of both worlds: the snug fit and support of briefs with the solid coverage of boxers. All boxer briefs have a 5" inseam.

Long Boxer Briefs

For more coverage than you ever knew you needed, check out Pair of Thieves long boxer briefs. This style is a great option for when you want a bit more safe keeping down there or for when working up a sweat is on the agenda. All long boxer briefs are designed with a 7" inseam.


Finally, a way to get in trunks without mob debts. If your boys need support but you still want the freedom to show off the upper thighs you've been working so hard on at the gym, Pair of Thieves trunks were made for you. Made with a 1.5" inseam.


First things first: these aren’t your hackneyed tighty whities. We took those uninspired briefs and gave them a modern look with an expertly designed fit.  


An excellent choice for lads who run a bit hot, Pair of Thieves boxers offer the perfect amount of breathing room. Our boxers come in a variety of stylish patterns and the softest, most comfortable SuperSoft fabric that, by comparison, makes a bunny feel like a porcupine.  


Pair of Thieves bikinis are the freshest of the fresh. One of the fastest trending underwear styles for men, designed with our SuperFit mesh magic.


What was once just for athletes, we made for everyone. Pair of Thieves jockstraps give you support where you need it most, and wide-open comfort everywhere else.

Styles for Every Occasion 

Basic Solids: Basic solids, tonal prints, and classic tried-and-true styles. A wardrobe staple every guy should have in his top drawer.  
Everyday Wearable Prints: Easy to wear and easy to love. Perfect for days when you’re feeling a bit more daring.  
Fashion-Forward Prints: For those who wish to go bold. Our fashion-forward prints are guaranteed to turn heads.    

Men's Underwear FAQs

How many pairs of underwear should I have? 

Ideally, you should own 15 to 20 pairs of underwear. That allows you to have enough time between washings and a sufficient number of clean pairs at your disposal. 

How often should I wash my underwear? 

You should wash your underwear after every single wear and follow the provided care instructions. We’re assuming that only you are wearing them and that it’s not some weird boxer brief time-share situation. 

Should my underwear be tight or loose? 

For maximum comfort, you should aim for somewhere in the middle. Your underwear shouldn’t be so tight that it leaves marks on your skin, nor should it be loose enough to fall down your waist or bunch up.  

Should I wear underwear to sleep? 

It’s totally up to you whether you want to sleep in the buff or curled up in your favorite boxer briefs. Sweet dreams.