Men's Briefs

Men looking for a perfect pair of briefs, look no further! From SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend, to SuperFit light and stretchy fabrication, here are underpants that overachieve. Whether you're into classic black solid underwear or fashion forward prints, we've got you covered. Or, at least we will have you covered once you pick these up. Our briefs are short on fabric, but long on comfort. They feature comfort and performance engineered details including no-roll waistband, low profile seams, and a quick-draw fly. In brief, you will look and feel amazing in briefs.
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The best men’s briefs

Looking for the best briefs for men? Look no further. Pair of thieves has a variety of bold, colorful and comfortable brief underear styles. From SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend, to SuperFit light and stretchy fabrication, these briefs are short on fabric and long on junk comfort.

Fabrics (SuperFit)

SuperFit is super it. SuperFit men’s briefs combine the perfect blend of lightweight fabric and sneaky performance engineering for next-level junk comfort. Try this mesh magic brief and prepare to initiate lots of (totally normal) conversations about your underwear.

Men's Briefs FAQs

Why do guys wear briefs instead of boxers? (think: advantages of briefs)

The advantages of wearing men’s briefs are that less is more. More leg freedom, more comfort, more style. All the important mores.

Are briefs bad for men’s health?

Tight, bunchy briefs promote bad ball health. Disclaimer: We’re not medical professionals, but only because eight years in school is a way long time! Thankfully, our barely-there briefs provide you all of the scrote support recommended by 9 out of 10 people who use WedMD for diagnostics.

What are the most comfortable men’s briefs?

The most powerful weapon is the one you never have to use. The comfiest underwear are the ones you never even feel. Our mesh magic briefs for men are a lightweight engineering feat. PSA: Always check a mirror to ensure you’re wearing underwear before entering public spaces.

How do I choose the right briefs?

Choosing the right Pair of Thieves briefs is like your parents choosing a favorite kid. They love you all, but …you know… you’re no Kevin. I mean, so many honor rolls, …can’t blame ‘em. Be good to your brief babies. Try ‘em all, love them all, and mask your favoritism with hard-to-believe neutrality. SuperFit briefs are lightweight mesh magic for underwear that feel barely there. SuperSoft is cloud comfy cradling for your hidden bits.