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Men's Briefs

Pair of Thieves men’s briefs are a classic for a reason. This underwear is so reliable, it could be your emergency contact. Comfortable and versatile, men find Pair of Thieves briefs are the perfect go-to pair. If you want your men’s underwear to have a snug fit and security where it counts, Pair of Thieves men’s briefs are the perfect pair for you. These briefs are truly the ideal carrier for your package, always handling precious cargo with care.  

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Every pair of briefs features performance-engineered details, including a no-roll waistband, low-profile seams, and a quick-draw fly. Whether you’re on the hunt for a pair of classic black briefs, or a pair with a fashion-forward print, you’ll find them here. From SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend to SuperFit light and stretchy fabrication, these are underpants that overachieve. To keep things brief, TLDR: you’ll look and feel great in these briefs.   

Like Tighty Whities, Only Way Better  

 People change. So does men’s underwear. Tighty whities always had star potential. We took this timeless classic and zhuzhed them up. Pair of Thieves believed in tighty whities when no one else did. Now we make the best men’s briefs for men on the market.   

The Best Men’s Briefs   

This is your sign to try the best men’s briefs around. Explore our variety of bold and colorful brief underwear styles. From SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend, to SuperFit light and stretchy fabrication, all briefs are short on fabric but long on junk comfort.  

Fabrics (SuperFit)  

SuperFit is super it. SuperFit men’s briefs combine the perfect blend of lightweight fabric and sneaky performance engineering for next-level junk comfort.  

Men's Briefs FAQs

Why do guys wear briefs over boxers?  

Men find briefs provide a level of added support compared to your typical boxer. That and the ability to keep one’s legs free make Pair of Thieves briefs a great pair to work out in. And, of course, to “work it,” wink, wink, nudge, nudge.   

Are briefs bad for men’s health?  

Maybe you’ve heard that wearing men’s briefs can lower sperm count. But the fact of the matter is, we don’t have enough data to make this scientific assertion. If your briefs don’t feel too tight down there, you and your swimmers should be just fine. Now, we’re not medical professionals—eight years is a long time to spend in school. If your concerns remain, we recommend consulting a doctor who had no problem with the eight years.   

What are the most comfortable men’s briefs?  

The most comfortable men’s briefs are the ones that allow you to live your life with the greatest amount of ease. Our SuperFit mesh magic briefs for men are a lightweight engineering feat. They feel like you’re wearing nothing at all! Insider's tip: be sure to check a mirror to ensure you’re, in fact, wearing something at all before entering public spaces.  

How do I choose the right briefs?

Check out our Fit Guide to find your perfect briefs size. For fabric, SuperFit briefs are lightweight mesh magic underwear that feels barely there. SuperSoft is cloud comfy cradling for your hidden bits. When in doubt, let the briefs choose you.