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Men's Trunks

Trunks for men? Yes, they're not just for elephants anymore. In the space between shorter briefs and longer boxer briefs exists a harmony that is Pair of Thieves trunks. Welcome to the sweet spot. Our trunks aren't just a pretty pair, they feature comfort and performance engineered details including no-roll waistband, low profile seams, and a quick-draw fly.
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SuperFit Trunk - Pride
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SuperFit Trunk 2 Pack
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SuperFit Trunks 2 Pack, black and colorful paint splatter pattern
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Best men’s trunks

Cradle your junk, in the world’s best trunk. Enjoy bold men’s trunk underwear that are equal parts colorful and comfortable. Available in SuperFit mesh magic or SuperSoft cotton stretch to keep your lower level breezy.

Fabrics (SuperSoft, SuperFit)

Now you have options for how you suit up from home to desk to gym to sleep. Pair of Thieves’ men’s underwear trunk styles are available in our most versatile fabrics, SuperFit or SuperSoft. These Ready for Everything materials offer lightweight stretchy comfort for whatever that inconsiderate day throws at you.

Trunks for every occasion

Consider this your invite…to the party in your pants. It’s a surprise party in that you’ll be surprised at how amazing our men’s stretch trunk underwear moves and feels. No need to hide behind the couch with the lights off. It’s a metaphor.

Men's Trunks FAQs

What are the advantages of wearing men’s trunks?

If you’re wondering what the advantages of wearing men’s trunks are, chances are you don’t spend nearly enough time walking around naked. You shouldn’t have to choose between the breezy freedom of the buff and the harsh sting of social judgement. Our comfortable trunks let your junk breathe freely without catching a lawsuit

Do men’s trunks ride up?

Things that should offer you a ride: friends, family, coworkers, public transportation drivers. Things that shouldn’t offer you a ride: Student drivers, drunk Ferris wheel operators, or your trunks. Our Pair of Thieves SuperFit men’s trunks combine lightweight fabric with an engineered fit for unrivaled junk support that won’t slip, slide, or ride up. Plus, we promise they'll never ask for gas money.