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Men's Boot Socks

Don’t get cold feet: Pair of Thieves men’s boot socks are here to ease all your pre-dressing jitters. Made with the coziest fibers for a ridiculously comfortable feel, these socks also feature a reinforced toe and heel for extra durability. With a snug, no-shift fit, these boot socks provide distraction-free wear no matter where you stomp ‘em. And they look great, to boot. These boot socks were made for walking and so much more. They’re the perfect pair for hiking, birdwatching, bronco-bustin’, or just looking rugged AF.  
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The Best Men’s Boot Socks  

Pair of Thieves men’s boot socks are as sturdy as they are fashionable. Perfect for real winter treks or “LA winter” jaunts. These cozy socks are guaranteed to keep your feet as happy as possible, and we all know feet can be hard to please. You’ll never catch these socks slipping, sliding, or sleeping on the job. Available in a variety of fetching and boot-iful color palettes to suit your every mood.  

Cushion Socks for Added Comfort  

Pair of Thieves men’s boot socks are cushioned to keep your feet comfy and out of harm’s way. Get ready to walk 500 miles and walk 500 more.  

Men's Boot Socks FAQs

What are boot socks? 

We’re confident you would have figured this one out eventually, but boot socks are foot garments that are designed to be worn with boots. Because of that, they are usually on the thicker end. That’s not to say you can’t wear boot socks with other shoes—they are super comfy, so you should wear them whenever your heart desires.  

How do I style boot socks?  

Whether you’re aiming for “Harry Styles chic” or more of a “modern-day Robin Hood” look, there are many ways to style and wear your boot socks. You could play with boot socks pulled up over your pants, or folding your trouser cuffs above your socks, wear with shorts for a better look at your socks, or even wear multiple sock layers or mismatching socks. Whatever you do, you MUST have fun with it!   

How do I stop boot socks from sliding down? 

Ah, yes, that is annoying when it happens, isn’t it? The longer the sock, the greater the chance of it sliding down. However, with the proper fit, your Pair of Thieves boot socks shouldn’t slide down. Check out our Fit Guide to find your perfect pair.  

Should I wear socks with walking boots?  

Yes, it’s probably a good idea to wear socks with walking boots. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place: the internet. Specifically,