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Men's Boxers

 Comfort starts with Pair of Thieves men’s boxers. Go ahead and forget about those raggedy, ill-fitting cotton boxer briefs Grandpappy used to wear when you had company over. Our boxers are a smooth modern fashion remix that will make your sweatpants jealous. Experience a whole new level of comfort in our SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend. Match your every mood with our wide variety of prints and patterns. Performance and everyday wear details include a no-roll waistband, low-profile seams, and a quick-draw fly. All to keep you Ready for Everything. 

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The Best Boxers for Men

 Let loose and breathe easy in style. Pair of Thieves boxers are a top-drawer must-have, with comfort and ease of movement guaranteed. Our boxers come in a wide array of stylish patterns and eye-catching colors so you can look as cool as you feel.  

Boxers for Every Occasion  

Boxers go with anything and improve everything. Whether you’re working up a sweat in the gym or working up an appetite on the couch, your junk is gonna feel the breeze.  

Men's Boxers FAQs

How should men’s boxers fit?

Our men’s boxers are designed to fit looser on the legs than boxer briefs. If you find your waistband slipping, however, they are likely a size too big. Your boxers also shouldn’t feel too tight. Check out our Fit Guide for more sizing info.    

How long do men’s boxers last?  

Men’s boxers’ shelf life depends on a few factors, namely how often you wear and wash them. Most experts recommend replacing your boxers every 6 to 12 months. Boxers are way less demanding than engine oil, toothbrushes or kitchen sponges, so high maintenance.   

Should you wear boxers to bed?  

Customers say our loose boxers are, indeed, incredibly comfortable to sleep in. Go to bed in whatever you feel most comfortable in. If you seek soft snug coverage below, the answer is boxers. If you prefer to dream like a diamond in the buff, that's your business.   

Why do men’s boxers have a hole in the front?  

Well, son, that’s a fly, and it’s for peeing. While some guys enjoy exiting by jumping the fence, others prefer a fly to go through the gate. So, we provide both options. How you drain the tank is up to you. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you get there, just as long as you make it.   

Are boxers or briefs more comfortable?

We don’t like to weigh in on the boxers or briefs debate. Partly because it’s a personal matter, and partly because we sell both. If you’re looking for more of an open concept floorplan for your lower level, loose boxer briefs are the way to go. If you’re not so into snug fit, boxers offer roomy breezeways for air and mobility.