Men's Boxers

All your old underwear ideas about men's cotton boxers are about to change. Long gone are the cheap, poor-fitting boxer shorts your grandpappy used to saunter about the house in when company was over. Pair of Thieves loose boxers are a cool modern remix that blend engineered fit and fashion-forward style. Built with a SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend, loose boxer briefs are a perfect pairing of unmatched softness and fabric flow. They feature comfort and performance engineered details including a no-roll waistband, low profile seams, and a quick-draw fly. All to keep you Ready for Everything.
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The Best Boxers for Men

Let loose in ultra-comfortable men’s loose boxers. Pair of Thieves loose boxers in stylish patterns and colors offer a soft flow fit for cozy ease. Look cool, stay comfy.

Boxer styles for every occasion

Loose boxers for every occasion and every persuasion. Whether you’re working up a sweat in the gym or working up an appetite on the couch, your junk will feel the breeze.

Men's Boxers FAQs

How should men’s boxers fit?

For a fit that’s a hit, give our men’s boxers a try. They’ll fit so well, the term ‘fits like a glove’ will be rendered meaningless.

How long do men’s boxers last?

Our men’s boxers last somewhere in between how your weekend was (too short, am I right), and the lifespan of a Galápagos tortoise (it’s a lot).

Should you wear boxers to bed?

If you prefer to sleep like a diamond in the buff, we don’t blame you. We do, however, suggest you try sleeping in our loose men’s boxers from Pair of Thieves. Enjoy that like-naked breeze, without freaking out roommates in your studio apartment.

Why do men’s boxers have a hole in the front?

For peeing, some guys enjoy exiting through the gate. Others jumping the fence. Your wiener's path to freedom is no one’s business but your own. We leave it up to you

Are boxers or briefs more comfortable?

We don’t like to weigh in on the boxers or briefs debate. Partly because it’s a personal matter, and also because we sell both. If you’re looking for more of an open concept for your lower level, though, go loose boxer briefs. They give your junk more breeze than the perfect beach day. Who doesn’t love the beach?