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Men's Bikinis

Pair of Thieves men’s bikini underwear are the freshest of the fresh. One of the fastest trending underwear styles for men, our bikinis are stylish, comfortable, and oh-so-sleek. Designed with our trademark SuperFit mesh magic, this underwear features smooth, flat seams for a virtually imperceivable fit. It’s minimal coverage built for maximum movement; not quite commando, but definitely commando-adjacent. A fit so natural, you’ll forget they’re even there. Our men’s bikini briefs are a confidence-boosting pair, reminding you it’s what’s underneath that counts. 

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The Best Men’s Bikinis 

Bring the heat in Pair of Thieves men’s bikinis. Whether you’re looking for a bold design or classic neutral, you’ll find yourself the perfect pair. Lift your manhood and your spirits—our bikini briefs are as supportive as they are stylish. Don’t be afraid to show some skin! It’s good for you. These men's bikinis are made to move and made to groove, bolstering your goods, every step of the way. 

Fabrics (SuperFit) 

Our SuperFit lightweight mesh magic is one of the most comfortable men’s bikinis fabrics, resulting in all-day bliss and unrivaled junk comfort. SuperFit fabric is designed to feel so amazing on the skin, you’ll never want to take briefs off. 

Bikinis for Every Occasion 

Whether you’re planning for a big beach day or a big speech day, our men’s bikini briefs are the ideal plus-one for any occasion. Expertly designed and endlessly comfortable, there isn’t an event they can’t handle. If you suspect you’ve only been invited somewhere because of these underwear, trust your instincts. 

Men's Bikinis FAQs

What are the advantages of bikinis for men? 

Bikini underwear have many unique advantages. The minimal amount of fabric allows for greater ease of movement and doesn’t sacrifice support in the process. This underwear keeps your package secure, providing just the right amount of lift. Men’s bikini briefs are incredibly flattering. This underwear is known to highlight one’s assets if you know what we mean. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Embrace your cheeky side! 

What’s the difference between men’s bikinis and men’s briefs?  

The main difference between men’s bikinis and men’s briefs is that the bikini shows a bit more thigh and skin compared to the standard brief. Briefs also typically sit higher above the waist compared to the bikini, which usually lands a tad bit under the waist line.  

Are men’s bikini briefs comfortable? 

Men’s bikini briefs are one of the most comfortable underwear styles around. They keep your manhood covered and secure while giving your thighs plenty of room to breathe. It’s the best of both worlds if you ask us. And you did; this is the Frequently Asked Questions! 

What outfits work best with men’s bikinis? 

Because of their sleek and barely-there silhouette, men’s bikinis can easily be worn under tight pants without anyone suspecting a thing. This underwear is naturally versatile and can pair well with anything. The possibilities are endless! 

Do women like men’s bikini underwear? 

Listen, this is about what you like. Who cares what anyone else thinks? We cannot control others’ opinions. The sooner you accept this, the easier life becomes. But, yes, they do, probably. 

Where can I buy men’s bikini underwear? 

Can’t help but feel like you haven’t been paying attention. It’s ok, you can buy men’s bikini underwear here from the best basics brand around, Pair of Thieves. That’s us. 

Who sells men’s bikini underwear? 

It really felt like we were making progress. Then you go ahead and ask this question. Again, we do. And not only do we sell men’s bikini underwear, but we also design and perfect them. Review: who sells men’s bikini underwear? Pair of Thieves sells the best men’s bikini underwear. Hope that clears things up.