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Men's Jock Straps

If less is more, our men’s jockstraps are way more. Designed with a contoured front pouch and open back, you’ll get support where you need it most, and wide-open comfort everywhere else. What was once just for athletes, we made for everyone. Whether you’re the quarterback or just kicking back, you’ll find this jockstrap checks all your boxes. Comfy and fashionable, this underwear offers the ultimate ease of movement. It’s physically impossible to get a wedgie in this underwear—trust us, we tried! These jockstraps will keep your manhood in check, scout’s honor. 

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The Best Men’s Jockstraps  

Pair of Thieves jockstraps are the best underwear for championing your boys. Never again will you have to worry about anything sliding or slipping down there. No longer are jockstraps just for athletes. Now we can all enjoy targeted support and freedom. The best part? You don’t even have to join your company's softball team as an excuse to wear one. It’s simple: Pair of Thieves jockstraps are a must-have for anyone who wants all-day comfort.      

Jockstraps for Every Occasion  

You don’t have to be a jock to wear Pair of Thieves jockstraps. All men deserve jockstrap comfort without having to sit through a coach’s tirade about playing defense. Every member deserves to feel supported and cared for. Day or night, on the field or in the stands, Pair of Thieves jockstraps are an all-around all-star.  

Wear with Pride 

Pair of Thieves’ Pride Collection is a celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride that helps support efforts providing critical services for LGBTQ+ youth. In connection with this collection, Pair of Thieves is proud to donate funds to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ young people.  

Fabrics (SuperFit) 

Made with our SuperFit lightweight mesh magic, Pair of Thieves jockstraps for men provide barely-there bliss your boys can’t get enough of.  

Men's Jock Straps FAQs

What is a jockstrap? 

A jockstrap is a time-honored style of underwear. They are designed with a waistband, a pouch in the front, and two straps connected at the bottom of the pouch that wrap around both the left and right side of the rear.  

What does a jockstrap do? 

The jockstrap is an undergarment that keeps your precious parts in place while framing your junk in a flattering manner. By leaving your backside uncovered, this underwear is known for being light and minimal. The real question is: what can’t a jockstrap do?  

What is a jockstrap for? 

A jockstrap is for maintaining order down there. The underwear ensures your package stays put and stays comfy. A wise and proactive investment, like stocks, or whatever.  

How do I wear a jockstrap? 

Traditionally, jockstraps are worn around the waist, with your legs through two support straps that wrap around your rear, and under one’s clothes, but don’t let that stop you, wear it on your head if you’re so inclined. Whether you’re playing sports or playing devil’s advocate, you can rest easy knowing your package will be carried with care.  

How should a jockstrap fit? 

Your jockstrap should feel snug but not overly tight. You want the waistband and front pouch to keep everything well supported without overly constricting anything. If you still aren’t sure what size to get, be sure to check out the Pair of Thieves Fit Guide. Tally-ho. 

How do I put on a jockstrap? 

In order to best wear a jockstrap, we recommend buying the best pair possible. After securing your Pair of Thieves SuperFit jockstrap, and perhaps washing it, consider it ready for wear! Step into your jockstrap like you would with any other pair of underwear, make sure your pouch is the front, and secure the two straps around both the left and right side of your buttocks. The next optional step is to maybe put pants over it.  

Are jockstraps comfortable? 

As a matter of fact, yes, jockstraps are extremely comfortable. You’ll find this underwear is a comfy choice no matter what is on your agenda for the day. Take them out for a spin or wear them as you work from home. Probably not on a conference call where they can be seen, though. Rest assured, Pair of Thieves jockstraps are so comfortable, that you’ll be hard-pressed to ever take them off. But eventually you should, though.