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From incredibly soft men's cotton blend undershirts and classic tees to cool graphic tees, tanks, and pocket t shirts, Pair of Thieves has a shirt related solution that's right for everyone. Durable 4-way stretch to move as you do. Flat low profile seams and tagless for a distraction-free fit.

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SuperSoft Pocket Crew Neck Tee 2 Pack
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SuperSoft Crew Neck Pocket Tee
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SuperSoft Crew Neck Tee
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Best Shirts For Men

Close the polls. For the best men’s t shirts, Pair of Thieves has taken this one by a landslide. Our tees are made of incredibly soft fibers, keeping you chafe-free and style rich. They aren’t bulky, boxy, ball-gown long, or baby-tee tight.


They said the perfect shirt was a myth passed from the elders. The legend, however, is very real. This unicorn of a garment, is made of incredibly soft fibers, keeping you chafe-free and style rich. Enjoy a fit that is so just-right, it would surprise Goldilocks. Try one and be ready to replace your entire drawer.

Classic Tees And T-shirts

Yesterday’s timeless tee just got tomorrow’s tech, today. We took your favorite men’s t shirts and built it in an incredibly soft cotton & modal blend; for unreal softness and fit. The result is a crazy comfy tee that keeps you looking sharp and feeling great. The future is now!

Pocket Tees

Join our tee party. We’re not talking pinkies up, Earl Grey, and dainty little finger sandwiches. We’re talking a celebration of the best fitting, most versatile, pocket tee. These are shirts for men and pockets for secrets.


First, we revolutionized men’s t shirts and undershirts, now a much-awaited sequel, the perfect tank. Made from incredibly soft fibers that move with you, under a shirt or worn on its own. Warning: flattering cut will result in increased requests to open jars.

Graphic Tees

Sport your Thieves’ pride in our men’s graphic t shirts. All the same comfort and performance fit of our undershirts, with original printed designs.

Long Sleeve Shirts

Everyone loves our short sleeve shirts, so now we've gone full-length-feature. These beauties merge our most comfy soft cotton + viscose fabric with a dapper fit to keep you short on chafe and long on style.


What kind of shirts should guys own? 

Variety is the spice of life. We recommend an assortment of some of our very versatile styles to have you covered, no matter the outfit, weather, or event. Solid short sleeve tees in various colors go a long way on their own or layered with other tops. See our assortment See our assortment

What color shirts should a guy own? 

If you swear by the minimalist approach to life, black and white short sleeve tees are the must-haves. They complement everything. They look great on their own, and as a layering foundation for formal or casual wear too. Additional colors help to add a visual pop to any outfit. 

How many shirts should you own? 

It depends on your lifestyle. If you’re a solid tees guy every day, the number is 14. This gives you two weeks between loads of laundry.

Should you wear an undershirt with a shirt? 

Yes. Undershirts provide a soft and comfortable barrier to less comfortable tops. They also help absorb sweat to save you from embarrassing pit stains and prolong the life of your button-up outer shirt.

Does wearing an undershirt keep you cooler? 

If by cooler you mean more hip, yes. If we’re talking temperature, no. A lightweight undershirt, however, helps absorb sweat to minimize heat-induced pit stains on a button-up.

What size undershirt should I wear (different from my normal shirt size)? 

Every man’s build is different. Check out our fit guide for more info:

When to wear a t-shirt? 

The solid color tee shirt is easily the most versatile piece in a man’s clothing. You can rock it cool in casual or dress it up with a smart blazer for a more formal vibe.

Are pocket tees popular? 

Pocket tees are timeless classics that have proven to be fad-proof. It’s a casual look with a little something extra to add flare to a top. 

Why do t-shirts have pockets? 

Because shelves would look silly. Plus, a shirt pocket looks cool, and you can keep small items handy in them.