Underspirational Quotes

Life got you down? Maybe some inspirational quotes and new undies will help. ...

Why You Need Pair of Thieves

Pair of Thieves has developed the first and only Anti-SWASS underwear that feels like A/C for your junk. H...

The Best of 2017

Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things wearing Pair of Thieves socks Shamari Maurice and Brittany Ham...

The Paul Biscotti Collection

How can you own the night when you seize the day? By being... Noir. A signature collection by Paul Biscotti.

What's Your Prism Sign?

To each their sign, to each their color, to each their prism sock. Click on your horoscope to reveal your dest...

How to Raise Sperm Count in 4 Steps

Sperm count in the western world has declined and no one knows why. Back in the Stone Age when men were m...

Our Top 5 Favorite Men's Sock & Shoe Combos

Don’t hate the player, hate their sock & shoe game. Spring Awakenings & Air Max’s...
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