Boxers vs Boxer Briefs

Boxers vs Boxer Briefs

The debate between boxers and boxer briefs is like pizza vs ice-cream. Both leave you feeling satisfied and are best when not shared. Like any good pizza or ice-cream binge, it comes down to the toppings.  Toppings in this metaphor are underwear details.

 Let’s take a moment to weigh the benefits of each:


Boxer Briefs:

They Adapt

Our Boxer Briefs provide snug, low-profile, barely-there comfort that won’t bunch or otherwise interfere with form-fitting clothing. So, wear your skinny jeans, your baggy jeans, even your recessive genes. They’ll all slip right on.

They Support

Run, do jumping jacks, stand confidently in your skimpiest shorts with one leg propped up many inches off the floor. Your worries will be zero. Boxer briefs hold all your dangling participles in place, and out of site, no matter what short shorts you wear.

A/C for Your Junk

Boxer Briefs might be snug, but our ultra-light and stretchy material selection makes sure ours aren’t stuffy. So, you can enjoy a 2nd skin fit without added heat and junk suffocation.



Easy Breezy, No Junk Squeezy

The gentle consensual caress of the wind against your goods is perhaps the most noted of boxer’s benefits. When you slip into a pair of boxers, every step feels like a soothing southern breeze.

A Leg Up

Beyond the breeze, boxers are the perfect relaxed fit to practice head kicks or for dominating TikTok dance battles. The leg mobility you’ll enjoy with a wider leg opening on these babies will have you pondering a career as a freak show contortionist.

Retro Rad

Boxers or boxer briefs? It’s like being asked “does this make me look fat?” …there is no wrong answer. There are amazing reasons to go either way in this debate of drawers. Our completely unbiased recommendation is that you do yourself the service of trying both in large quantities, from our selection. To start your experimentation, check out these styles…

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