A Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

A Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

Like plans you make with flakey college friends, New Year’s Resolutions are often talked about but rarely executed. Thankfully, most of your friends will forget your resolution with their New Year hangover.

Follow-through in life is important, but self-awareness might be even more so.  To get realistic, we’ve created a list of resolutions and how long until it’s OK to drop them.

Working Out: (2 Months)

Maybe the most common resolution of all! Battle crowded gyms for at least two months. After all any body on a beach is technically a beach body.

Resting More (4 Months)

Rest is a concept open to interpretation, like beauty or stop signs.

For the constant hustlers out there, we see you. Sleep an extra hour every Saturday for 4 months and call it.

Party Less (7 Days)

We don’t know your excessive leisure habits, but your pounding headache on New Years Day might! Take a Tylenol, a hot bath, and a sensible 7 days before you get back out there champ.

Calling Your Mom More:

Seriously, just do it. Janie Allen down the street has a son who’s a lawyer, and he calls every day. What are you doing that’s so important you can’t call you poor mother, Mr. big sho

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