Now You Do It, Now You Don’t: Find Work Life Balance

Now You Do It, Now You Don’t: Find Work Life Balance

The quest to find the perfect work-life balance can feel as futile as attempting to understand the plot to Speed 2: Cruise Control. Like why Sandra was OK with her cop boyfriend buying her Caribbean cruise tickets to make up for lying about working on the SWAT team…Thankfully, we’ve read the plot synopsis and think you can save your time! Also, thankfully, we’re experts at the hustle then halt.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve work/ life balance.

Answer emails from unconventional places:

Hope your emails ‘find other people well’ from the couch or some other comfortable, possibly distant and exotic locale! We won’t tell. We make basics, not HR drama.

Turn Off Your Phone After Work

People will think you’re so mysterious, your coworkers will be befuddled by your incredibly reasonable boundaries. Just keep your fingers crossed your pizza delivery man has memorized your drop-off instructions.

Rest Is Work

Burnout is real. Treat rest like a flagged and prioritized task on your work to-do list.

And look, if you like to unwind after a long day with a Sandra Bullock thriller, just forget we said anything earlier.

The Unsung Hero: The No Show

 Sometimes, the best things in life are the ones you can’t see, like love, oxygen, and strong WIFI. Even though they might not get the most attention or accolades, an unseen force can help win the day.

Our no-show socks are that amazing unseen force. A silent sidekick that won’t try to upstage you, move into your spotlight, or ask for more airtime. They’re here to quietly, but comfortably, support throughout your day’s journey.

Check out our No-Shows HERE

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