Basics Glossary

Basics Glossary

When it comes to men’s basics, understanding industry terminology does not have to be difficult. It’s not rocket surgery. All the same, we’re going to help you out by providing a very useful glossary to all things socks, underwear, and loungewear.


Swamp ass or sweaty ass. A condition caused by a combination of heat, humidity, sweat, underwear that doesn’t breathe, and ass.


Your package, your bulge, your baby maker.


Lightweight mesh magic fabric.


Cloud comfy cotton fabric.

Bikini Brief 

Like a traditional brief, but with a lower waistband, higher, flattering leg holes. Shows a little cheek.


Traditional minimal-coverage underwear. No inseam. Think tighty-whiteys or Speedos.


Similar to a brief, but with a short inseam covering upper thigh. Not as long an inseam as boxer briefs.


Classic boxer shorts, loose fitting underwear for men.

Boxer Brief 

A combination of boxer shorts and briefs. Form fitting with an inseam extending about mid-thigh.

Long Boxer Briefs 

Like boxer briefs, but you know, long. Inseam closer to knee. Like biker shorts, without the accompaniment of a goofy helmet.

No Shows 

Socks so low, they’re practically invisible inside of most low-top or slip-on shoes.

Low Cuts

Sporty low cut socks that just peek over the top of low-top sneakers.

Ankle Socks

Socks that go just over the ankle.


Socks that extend past the ankles, just below the calf.

Raglan Shirt

A shirt with sleeve seams that go from armpit to neck band. Named after a one-armed British soldier who first wore this type of sleeve to enable him to wield his sword in battle after losing an arm.

French Terry 

A mid-weight knit fabric, primarily of cotton or cotton blends, similar to jersey, with smooth textured loops on the outside and soft piles of yarn on the inside. Used in cozy sweatshirts, sweat pants, and loungewear.  Can probably also just be a French person named Terry.

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