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You Snooze You Win

Pajama pants. They’ve been you’re most convincing argument in the fight against going out and doing social stuff. As in I could go to that thing I was invited to, the one with all the people, but I am already in my PJs. Pajamas, as a clothing category, don’t get the credit they deserve. All that nonsense gets put to bed now. While much of what we already make, like our underwear, loungewear, and socks are bed time standard-issue for our biggest fans, everyone will be thrilled at our latest addition, pajama pants! Right, we just spent this whole post talking PJs, not much of a reveal. What will blow you away is the amount of detail that went into crafting these babies. Our PJ pants are a stretchy, SuperSoft dream that include a flowy loose fit, no-roll waistband, and even an inseam pocket to store, I don’t know, your dreams. Have a looksie, and throw them on immediately before someone calls ya to “catch up.”