Thieves Gold

What is Thieves Gold

"An axiomatic revolution in basics and an assiduous revelation in comfort and style.” - Cash Warren

The Perfect Underwear

What lies beneath a man’s pants is between him and his underwear broker. We stand here today asking—nay, insisting—for the opportunity to get you into a new pair of grown up underpants. JD Power & Associates won’t return our calls.

The Perfect Socks

Be thankful that we live in a world of ownership. If we shared everything, it would be a lot harder to find matching socks. These socks are so innovative, so fresh, so quick on the drip that the only quote we could reliably source was “Lorem Ipsum.”

The Perfect Shirt

A legacy in the making, this shirt will be more prolific than the Cavendish banana. A scientifically engineered hybrid of cotton and Tencel™ that’s at home while traveling and will ensure all other shirts go the way of the Gros Michel.

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