Box out basic underwear with Pair of Thieves. Embrace performance fabrics that wick sweat quick, for a big three; staying dry, fresh, and comfy. 


Perfect Pair

Our socks and underwear are designed for everybody and every kind of body. Try one pair, and get ready to replace your entire drawer.

jingle bells jingle bells

Super Fit

light and Breezy
Silky smooth
Perfect fit
3rd-date ready

Quick Dry

Fabric 4-Way Stretch Underwear
Dry Responsibly
Light Weight
Wicks Sweat
Holds Shape
Gear for the grind

Super COOL

Made for Play
Moisture-Wicking Tech
Zoned Air Vents

Blackout whiteout

Goes with everything
Classy sleek
Snug comfort
Plays well with sandals

super cool

Moisture-Wicking Tech
Ankle and Arch support
Reinforced toe and heel

4-way Stretch

Moves Easy
Shockingly soft
Perfectly stretchy
Wallet friendly
Gear for the Grind
Perfectly cushioned
Marathon ready

pair of Thieves just hits different

0:00 In January of this year, we were out in Austin, Texas shooting our most recent brand campaign. 0:04 While out there, we made sure to hook the whole crew up with some pair of thieves. 0:07 For some people, they were already fans of the brand, but for others, it was their very first time trying to sell the weather. 0:12 Definitely put our gear up to the test. 0:13 So it was fun to capture everyone's genuine reactions after a long day on set. 0:17 Yeah, tell me how your thieves held up today. 0:19 Held a break, kept my feet warm. 0:22 Like look at this right here. 0:25 I'm happy with the product, man. 0:27 Thank you so much. 0:28 They're comfortable. 0:29 Is this your first time? 0:30 No, I've actually owned them before. 0:33 My thieves have held up. 0:34 Great. 0:35 I got the big vans layered up. 0:37 I feel cool. 0:38 I feel dry. 0:39 I feel com socks held up, the underwear is holding up. 0:44 It's got everything in the right places. 0:45 No chasing no unnecessary moisture. 0:50 So, I think I'm, I think I'm an owner. 0:53 I think I'm an owner.