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Pair of Thieves brand of men's underwear combines the best of both worlds - the most comfortable fit details and best-in-class fashion flourishes. It's brains and beauty built into your britches. From briefs and trunks to long boxer briefs and all stops in between, we have the perfect cut for you. If you're into classic patterns, fun fashion prints, or solid colors, you're into Pair of Thieves. SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend underwear offers a soft unlike anything your skin has ever enjoyed. SuperFit light and stretchy micro-mesh underwear are performance tuned for perpetual motion. Our underwear are made for everyone and Ready for Everything.
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At Pair of Thieves, we make men's underwear that don’t skip a beat at a black tie party or a black light party. Our men's underwear comes in five different styles - long boxer briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, and loose boxers. We have two underwear fabrics will give you the comfort and support you need for every occasion. Our SuperFit fabric is lightweight mesh with integrated breezeway channels to keep your lower goods cool and dry. Our SuperSoft fabric is a blend of cotton and viscose that is so soft, comparatively, a bunny is practically a porcupine. Solids, patterns, and over the top fashion - it doesn't matter what kind of a statement you want to make, our underwear has got you covered. Pair of Thieves men's underwear is made READY FOR EVERYTHING.

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The Best Underwear for Men

If you’re looking for comfort and style, there’s no better pair of underwear than Pair of Thieves. But don’t take it from us. Check out our reviews and see for yourself how we’ve transformed the relationship between a man and his junk for so many loving fans!

Boxer Briefs

Pair of Thieves boxer briefs are pure perfection. It's like the captain of the football team rescuing a puppy at homecoming. Our most well-known and loved product, our boxer briefs come in a SuperFit mesh magic fabrication and a SuperSoft cotton + viscose fabrication. All boxer briefs have a 5" inseam and are staples for any underwear drawer.

Long Boxer Briefs

Our Pair of Thieves men's long boxer briefs underwear offers more coverage than you ever knew you needed. So many extra inches of the most breathable, most comfortable undies you've ever worn. All long boxer briefs have a 7" inseam and are great when you want a little more coverage or you're working up a sweat playing sports or working out.


We took the old, tired, stiff boxer and made it awesome! Pair of Thieves boxers are some of the best underwear on the market. Our boxers give you room to breathe in stylish patterns and the softest, most comfortable SuperSoft fabric that by comparison make a bunny feel like a porcupine.


Unless you have mob debts, you're going to love being in trunks. Pair of Thieves men's underwear trunks have a 1.5" inseam and come in SuperFit and SuperSoft fabrics. If your boys need support but you still want the freedom to show off the upper thighs you've been working so hard on at the gym, trunks were made for you.


Men looking for a perfect pair of briefs, look no further! From SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend, to SuperFit light and stretchy fabrication, here are underpants that overachieve. Whether you're into classic black solid underwear or fashion forward prints, we've got you covered. Or, at least we will have you covered once you pick these up. Our briefs are short on fabric, but long on comfort. They feature comfort and performance engineered details including no-roll waistband, low profile seams, and a quick-draw fly. In brief, you will look and feel amazing in briefs.

Styles for Every Occasion

Basic Solids: These are our basic solids, tonal prints and classic tried and true styles. These styles are everyday wardrobe staples that every guy should have in his underwear drawer. They are great for working out, playing sports, and days when you just want a solid pair of underwear. Everyday Wearable Prints: These prints are wearable, relatable fashion. They are easy to wear and easy to love, and are built for the guy that isn't setting trends but isn't following them either. For days where you want to feel a little more daring with your wardrobe choices. A great option for a first date so you can show your adventurous side without making the whole conversation all about your underwear. Fashion Forward Prints: Prints designed for those days when you are feeling your fiercest. These underwear prints will make a statement and are guaranteed to turn heads. Best for undie runs, no-pants parties, and walking the catwalk at New York Fashion Week.