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Men's Socks

Pair of Thieves men's socks combine top-grade materials and fashion-forward designs for the best fit and feel on your feet. Experience cotton comfort and 4-way stretch that’s built to last. These socks are as suited for rock climbing as they are for climbing the corporate ladder. Whether you want your tootsies to make a statement or your socks to disappear without a trace, you’re bound to find your perfect pair. Pair of Thieves socks are snazzy, comfortable, up to any challenge, and down for whatever. They’re basics that are basically... Ready for Everything.   
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Men’s cushion ankle socks 3 pack, white, gray and black
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Cushion No Show Socks 3 Pack
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Men’s cushion no show socks 3 pack, white black and gray
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Hustle Cushion Ankle Socks 3 Pack
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We’re in the business of keeping feet happy by giving them plenty of options. That’s why Pair of Thieves offers six different sock styles: Crew Socks, Ankle Socks, Low-Cut Socks, No Show Socks, Dad + Kid Socks, and Boot Socks. Our socks come in two fabric types, cushioned and non-cushioned, and both feel heavenly to walk in. Our standard sock size is for US shoe sizes 8-12. We also offer larger socks for sizes 12-16. 'Cause, you know what they say about men with big feet: they love their Pair of Thieves!  

The Best Socks for Men  

If you’re looking for the best socks for men, look no further. Pair of Thieves has a variety of bold, colorful, and classy sock styles. From no-show socks with slip protection to long crew socks, you’re bound to get off on the right foot. 

No-Show Socks  

If you’re looking to flaunt your stunning ankles, our non-slip No Show socks are for you. These are beautifully designed, ultra-comfy low-profile socks that stay out of sight. Even in low-top canvas shoes. Mind-boggling, we know.   

Low-Cut Socks  

Eyes down here. When you want to prove you’re cool enough to buy the best men’s socks, but don’t want to give the people the satisfaction of seeing them at length... there are Low-Cut socks. This style of sock gives you just a peek over your shoe. Always leave them wanting more. Always.   

Ankle Socks  

Not just a jock sock. Pair of Thieves men's Ankle Socks are a traditional length for sports performance, but they’re versatile enough to wear with anything. Yes, the sporty stuff is a given, but they also pair well with any casual outfits where shorts are worn. Win, win.   

Crew Socks 

Pair of Thieves Crew Socks are like ketchup: they go with anything. Great for suits, where you can cross your legs and hit ‘em with a pop of surprise color or pattern. Great in casual shorts too, where they shine in all their glory. You need this crew sock in your crew.   

Dad + Kid Socks 

If there’s one thing kid’s love, it’s comfy socks. If there are two things they love, it’s comfy socks and matching with their parents. Children rejoice, Pair of Thieves’ Dad + Kid socks are an adorable matching set of socks for dad and kid. Awww.   

Men's Socks FAQs

Why are Pair of Thieves socks the best you’ll ever know? 

Pair of Thieves socks are ready for everything. They are a do-it-all solution for socks that build in heaps of comfort with expressive style. These are pieces perfectly suited for a black-tie party or a blacklight party. Snazzy, comfy pieces of hosiery that will never ask you to slow down to catch their breath. Up to any challenge, and down for whatever.  

How many socks should I own?  

Tootsie experts recommend having a 2-week supply—AKA 14 pairs—of socks on deck. More, if you want to extend the time between laundry days. At a minimum, you should own two socks. That number is based on data regarding how many feet the average person has.

How to choose and wear socks – the right way.

The science of socks has boomed in recent years. So much so that it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin when building your collection. Luckily, we break it all down for you in this blog. Knowledge is power.   

How should I care for my socks? Should I wash them in hot or cold water?  

When in doubt, play it safe; wash cold, no bleach, and tumble dry on low heat. If you’re worried about forgetting, all of our sock packaging comes with detailed wash instructions. 

Why do I wear through my socks so fast?

Without knowing exactly what you're doing in them, it's hard to say. If you're wearing your socks to walk on hot coals, it’s that. With regular wear and tear, assuming you're wearing a pair once a week and following care instructions, they should be suitable for six months to a year. If your socks wear out much earlier than that, let us know. We'll make it right. 

What are the rules for when a man should wear crew socks vs. low-cut socks?  

Deciding between crew socks and low-cut socks is a classic fork-in-the-road. Check out our blog post on this subject and feel the answers to all of life’s questions come to you.   

What are the best men’s no show socks?  

Unbiased opinion… ours, definitely ours. They stay put all day and feel amazing while doing it. Check out the full selection here.   

What size is “large” in men’s socks? 

A “large” in Pair of Thieves socks fits those who wear size 12-16 shoes. Check out our Fit Guide for more sizing information. 

Should men’s socks match your pants or shoes? 

Either! Sometimes, men go with matching their socks with their pants when it’s a more formal occasion. This method lends itself to more of a seamless look. Other times, it can be fun to let your feet really pop by matching socks with shoes. Or, and brace yourself for this mind bend, match neither so that your socks may shine and delight. In any case, you should always go with what makes you the most comfortable. Your life, your feet.