Men's Crew Socks

Pair of Thieves men's cotton crew socks are classic long length socks. Crew socks combine soft cotton comfort and 4-way stretch that feel amazing, move and last. These are socks perfectly suited for a black tie party or a black light party. Snazzy, warm, comfy pieces that will never ask you to slow down to catch their breath. Up to any challenge, and down for whatever. These are basics that are basically … Ready for Everything.
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Men's Crew Socks FAQs

When should you wear crew socks?

There really isn’t a bad time to wear crew socks. Ok maybe when getting a pedicure they can complicate the job. Pair of Thieves socks are Ready for Everything, and the crew silhouette is the most ready, most versatile style. Looks great with formal wear, casual wear, heck probably even silverware.

Is it okay to wear crew socks with shorts? 

Is a shrimp’s heart in its head? Yes, it is. That probably would’ve worked with a less obscure factoid. Crew socks, especially boldly colored and patterned ones like ours, relish the exposure. They look great with shorts and are an absolute magnet for compliments and conversation.

What’s the difference between crew socks and ankle socks?

Crew socks extend up to just below the calf. Ankle socks extend up, just above the ankle. See our fit guide