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Men's Boxer Briefs

If there were an award for the most comfortable boxer briefs ever, this underwear would be practicing its surprise face and rehearsing its acceptance speech. Pair of Thieves boxer briefs combine the best of both worlds: the snug fit and support of briefs with the solid coverage of boxers. Expert design details include a no-roll waistband, low-profile seams, and quick-draw fly. This underwear is the very definition of all-day comfort. Because no man should ever have to experience underwear bunching, riding up, or sagging, no. No!

Pair of Thieves boxer briefs are supportive and breathe easy, so you can go straight from work to workout. Infinitely wearable, you’ll find these boxer briefs pair well with any outfit. Available in our trademark SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend, SuperFit light and stretchy fabrication, and high-quality Cotton Stretch fabric. Your package is going to be thanking you so much that you’ll question its motives. 

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Boxer Briefs: The Right Pair for Every Occasion

Pair of Thieves boxer briefs are a quality plus-one for any occasion. This underwear is endlessly comfortable, supportive, and truly worthy of everyday wear. Honestly, you should probably go ahead and make these boxer briefs your best man and/or life insurance beneficiary. Or, at the very least, get yourself a good bulk of them. Browse our collection of fun prints and fetching colors. No matter what style of boxer briefs you choose, you’ll find yourself the right pair.

Fabrics (SuperSoft, SuperFit, and EDK)

Underwear fabric can make or break the comfort factor in any outfit. Pair of Thieves boxer briefs only use the highest quality of materials. SuperFit boxer briefs feel so light, you’ll forget they’re even there. With the exception of being thrown pants-less from an aircraft, our insanely comfy SuperSoft boxer briefs are the closest you can get to wearing an actual cloud around your waist. Our Every Day Kit (EDK) contains your essential cotton stretch boxer briefs, perfect for everyday wear.

Men's Boxer Briefs FAQs

What is the difference between boxers and boxer briefs?

The difference between boxers and boxer briefs comes down to fit. Boxer briefs are form-fitting and snug around the legs, whereas boxers offer a looser fit on the legs. For more information, check out our Fit Guide.

How should my boxer briefs fit?

Boxer briefs are designed for support and a snug fit. That being said, your boxer briefs shouldn’t feel too tight. The ideal boxer briefs keep your package in place without constricting anything. Your inseam length (the measurement from one’s crotch to the bottom of one’s leg seam) can help you figure out if boxer briefs are for you. Pair of Thieves boxer briefs have a 5” inseam. If you prefer a shorter length, check out our trunks. If you’re looking for something longer, take a look at our long boxer briefs.

What size of boxer briefs should I wear?

Start by checking the size of the underwear you're currently wearing. Then measure your waist with a tape measure. Compare your waist measurement with the Pair of Thieves sizing breakdown on our Fit Guide

How many pairs of boxer briefs should I buy?

If boxer briefs are your usual go-to, we recommend purchasing enough to have 10-12 fresh pairs at your disposal. If they’re more for occasional wear, 3-5 pairs should suffice. You should ideally own 15-20 pairs of underwear total. How you choose to meet that man-panties quota is totally up to you.