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Men's Boxer Briefs

If there were an award for best men's boxer briefs ever, this underwear would be practicing its surprise face and rehearsing its acceptance speech. From SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend, to SuperFit light and stretchy fabrication, here are underpants that overachieve. Our boxer briefs are a splendid blend of oh so stylish and crazy comfortable. Each pack features comfort and performance engineered details including no-roll waistband, low profile seams, and a quick-draw fly. All to keep you Ready for Everything.
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SuperFit Boxer Briefs 2 Pack, black and colorful paint splatter
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S M L X 2 One Size
SuperFit Boxer Briefs 2 Pack, black and medium heather grey
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S M L X 2 3 One Size
SuperFit Boxer Briefs 2 Pack in blue and black
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S M L X One Size

Boxer Briefs for Every Occasion

Make comfort part of the equation for any occasion with our Men’s boxer briefs. They’re the perfect plus-one for any gathering. Whether it’s in the ballroom or the boardroom, these socks will have you looking great and feeling even better

Fabrics (SuperSoft, SuperFit, and EDK)

One can never fully fathom the fabric of reality. Fabric of men’s boxer briefs, though, we’ve got that covered. SuperFit mesh magic: so light, you barely know it’s there. SuperSoft, a cloud comfy cotton blend. Every Day Kit: essential cotton boxer briefs for every day.

Men's Boxer Briefs FAQs

What is the difference between boxers and boxer briefs?

Boxers provide a loose fit with wider openings for your legs. Boxer briefs are snug on the legs with a sportier fit. Fawn Boxers are a breed of short-haired dogs with kind of a scrunchy face.

How are boxer briefs supposed to fit?

The short answer is very well. Boxer briefs should have a snug, athletic fit without chafing, feeling constrictive, or leaving a mark on your skin. Inseam length (measure from crotch to bottom leg seam) is a personal preference. Our boxer briefs have a 5” inseam. If you want shorter go with our trunks at 1.5”. For longer, go for our long boxer briefs at 7”.

What size of boxer briefs should I wear?

Consult our Fit Guide in the link below for your ideal fit: Fit Guide

How many boxer briefs should I buy?

We’ll keep this brief. When it comes to how many boxer briefs you should have, the only limit is your imagination, and possibly your drawer space. Our stylish and comfy boxer briefs might have you rethinking your drawer plan altogether.