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The Weenie Hatch Debate

Hot soup. No one wants it with flies. Men’s underwear, on the other hand, now we have a debate. Hot soup. No one wants it all over their lap. A fly on undies…the debate rages on. Since the inception of men’s underwear, the most polarizing topic has been whether that underwear should have a fly on the front or not. Does anyone even use that thing or rather, who doesn’t? The factions break off into three zealous opposing groups. 1) The “yeah of course you need it, it’s a necessary weenie hatch”contingent. 2) The “Oh, grow up. How hard is it to pull down your waist band and sling it over?” collective. And 3) the “I don’t wear underwear” class of absolute weirdos.

While your wiener’s path to freedom is no one’s business but your own, most experts (never ask us which) will agree that your choice is more telling about who you are than a Myers-Briggs test. Our unbiased recommendation is to try doing different things. Just never different things where you’re not actually wearing underwear. That’s gross. Agreed?