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SWASS The Silent Killer

If you’re a fan of Pair of Thieves (and you’re reading a blog from an underwear company, so you must be) then you’ve heard the term swass. Maybe you were already familiar with the concept of swass, or you took the four seconds necessary to Google it to find out exactly what it is. No, not the Sir-Mix-A lot song, the important swass. Swass is sweaty ass or, sometimes, swamp ass, and it’s a big problem. This swampy, sweaty reality poses a huge problem for many men. No one wants to take that walk of shame where your backside becomes a wet mobile Rorschach test. There is, however, hope beyond moving to a perennially frigid climate or moisture-proofing your khakis. SuperFit. What? One more time, SuperFit. Superfit underwear are lightweight and comfortable mesh magic skivvies that can take you from knowing swass all too well to just knowing of swass. After all it’s important to stay dry, look good, and feel great. A sentiment captured in the words: I'm so cute in a suit, my beats conceit. Intelligent freak, wardrobe complete – Sir Mix-a-Lot, Swass 1988.