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Simple Steps for Surviving College: Year 1

Prom is over, you’ve returned the tuxedo and explained away most of the stains to the rental shop. What now? College, that’s what. Like wilderness survival, college requires specific preparation for surviving, and like wilderness survival at some point you’ll probably end up naked and afraid. Fear not! We have part 1 of 10,000 in our series ‘Simple Steps for Surviving College: Year 1’. Here’s a list of what you’ll need and why…


  • Socks: There are an infinite number of uses for the common tube sock. Let’s cover some of the appropriate ones here: Covering your feet. Storing change. Making puppet pals. Tying on to doorknob to signal privacy to roommates. We recommend Pair of Thieves EDK socks because they’re comfortable, outfit versatile, and we make them and this is our blog.

  • Underwear: Oddly enough, we also recommend Pair of Thieves here. Pair of Thieves EDK line of underwear are soft, stylish solid color undies at an amazing value. College is the time in life with the most unexpected occurrences of others seeing you in your underwear. Make sure they’re nice, and have plenty of them to make sure they’re always clean.

  • Books: Seems like something you should have in college. We don’t have a ton of compelling arguments that don’t involve shimming a wonky table or money laundering schemes, but they’re in all the school recruiting pamphlets, so probably important.