Rock This Sock

Rock This Sock

Any sound structure begins with a solid foundation. Foundations are at the bottom. So, by location, and in terms of importance, your socks must be the foundation to your entire look. That’s a lot of responsibility to lay on two knit little pieces of wardrobe. The good news is that there is a sock for all occasions, to serve as an up-to-code, inspection-ready foundation. Let’s talk through some options.

No Shows Socks: 

Maybe you want that barefoot look, or you want to flaunt your fun new ankle bracelet, or you just want to rile up all of the area mosquitoes. For any and all of those reasons, you need no show socks. This “sockless” look is great paired with casual canvas slip-ons, loafers or even great athletic shoes who don’t enjoy sharing the spotlight. Pair them with cuffed, cropped, or capri pants and you’ll be stylishly giving them all the ankle they can handle.

Low Cut Socks:

When you want to prove you’re rich enough to buy socks, but don’t want to give them the satisfaction of seeing them at length, there are low cut socks. Low cut socks give you just a peek of sock over your shoe. It’s a great accessory for a sportier look running, training or even hiking. Combine them with the appropriate shorts or crop length compression pants for an active look.

Ankle Socks:

Not just a jock sock. Just because a sock is a perfect length for athletics doesn’t mean they need to be used solely for athletics. If a sock is used athletically, they also need not be boring. Ankle length socks are a traditional length for sport performance, but they’re a versatile addition to many looks. Yes, the sporty stuff is a given, but they also pair well with any casual outfits where shorts are worn.

Crew Socks:

Crew socks are like ketchup (or catsup), they go well with anything. Great for suits, where you can cross your legs and hit ‘em with a pop of surprise color or pattern. Great in casual shorts, where they shine in all their glory. When in doubt, just go with old reliable.

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