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Mesh Magic Multiplied - SuperFit Base Layer

SuperFit is, by far, our most popular creation to date. When we ventured to create underwear with a lightweight mesh material, we knew we were on to something, but we could have never predicted just how much folks would love it. Now, nary a day goes by that a fan doesn’t ask us to make more stuff in this amazing fabric. Our attempt at parachutes and wetsuits with this textile cost us a handful of enthusiastic interns, but we’ve since used this fine fabric in all new and exciting ways. Most recently with our all new, limited edition, base layer line.

The collection includes a long sleeve shirt, pants, and a neck gaiter.  

Finally, you can bask in SuperFit from nose to toes. It’s a versatile set, perfect for running to brunches, or running and crunches. You can run in it, hike in it, train in it, live in it. All at a pace to get your heart pumping, but slow enough to be admired publicly and thoroughly.