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Lord Raglan's Sleeves

You might be surprised to know that you have a one armed British soldier to
thank for one of the most versatile pieces of modern fashion. Don’t pull out your thank you stationery just yet. He’s been dead for over a century and a half. FitzRoy James Henry Somerset later elevated to the title Baron of Raglan lost his arm in the Battle of Waterloo. So that he may continue to wield a sword in battle, he worked with a tailor to create a coat seam that ran from armpit to collar. A sleeve style known today as a Raglan sleeve. So, the next time you might need added mobility to swing your sabre in battle, toss on a comfy Raglan sleeved top. Did we just take the scenic route just to tell you about a new long sleeve top we offer? Indeed. Check it out. No need to test the sleeves with untrained swordplay. Just wave at people and stuff, you’ll feel it. Queue up Abba’s Waterloo!