“DORMAY”, The Dorm Gourmet

“DORMAY”, The Dorm Gourmet

EDK socks and underwear are a perfect value pack combo to send a kid off to college with. If you’re like me, your parents sent you off to college only with a certain set of values and their sincerest wishes for success. Also, if you’re like me, they didn’t send you off with the basic survival skill of making food for yourself. And, sure, like me, maybe you received a generous dorm cafeteria meal plan. Maybe you did the math and realized that with the money you would save living off of non-perishable food stuffs and some probably very perished, you could totally get a gaming console and an S-ton of games. College, though, has a way of making very industrious 18 year olds into dorm room gourmets, or dormays. Here are a few college culinary creations:

Flaming Hot Ramen: OK, it sounds like we’re just going to tell you to crunch a fistful of flaming hot Cheetos into a serving of cheap top ramen. Correct.

Fondue You: Like fondue, only for the people. A little Velveeta melted cheese product, some sliced weenies, some tooth picks and voila. Pinkies up!

Personal Pizza: $10 for a large pizza? Agreed, outrageous. Instead take those $10 buy a big pack of flour tortillas, ketchup, kraft cheese slices, and bologna. Now you have the makings of about 30 personal pizzas with handmade pizzaz.

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