Choose the Perfect Underwear Silhouette

Choose the Perfect Underwear Silhouette

Your timeshare in Tuscaloosa, your lower back tattoo and 100% of your exes are all things that don’t favor well in assessing your track record when it comes to the choosing of things. It’s OK, no one is right about everything all of the time and you can recover from most of those bad choices. Plus, some things you just can’t assess until you try them and they nearly ruin your life. Today we’re going to help you chalk one up in the win column of your choices record by helping you choose the perfect underwear. We’ve done all the trial to save you the error.

There’s a lot to consider when deciding on what kind of underwear is going to take up residence on your most intimate areas. Comfort, style, viewing public, fabric, color, design, length and of course the swass factor. Don’t know about swass? You should.

Used to be, when it came to underwear, you were either a boxers or briefs guy. Now the world has opened up to infinite possibilities. By infinite, we mean, you know, five or so new types. From daring man thongs and jock straps to boxer briefs, trunks, and long boxer briefs, there is something for every guy. Let’s look at a few of the more popular choices.


These are ideal for shorter guys, or guys with shorter legs who want a lengthier appearance (to their legs). If you have massive thighs that look like they could leg press a loaded U-Haul, also great as they offer the most mobility and let you show those babies off.


Loose-fit feels amazing in anything outside of safety harnesses. If you enjoy loose-fit, boxers are for you. A classic look that lets you air out the goods without having to wear a kilt, forcing you to do your Scottish accent. Side note: stop doing the accent.


At this point, you’re probably all “Wow, boxers sound great, but briefs also sound amazing. Wouldn’t it be great if…” Let us stop you right there to let you know that you can have the best of both of those worlds with – oh right, we put it at the beginning of this section -Boxer Briefs! This has become a runaway favorite for men. You get the support of briefs, the coverage of boxers and the confidence of lions. If we had to pinpoint what type of man this cut is best for, we’d narrow it down to all of them.


Read everything above regarding boxer briefs and imagine more of that. Long boxer briefs are a sporty fit. Think of biker short only softer and more comfortable. They’re a great look peeking out the bottom of your basketball shorts as you make the game winning pass before the other pass leading to the last pass to the guy who actually hits the winning shot. Git some, boi!


If you want to zag to everyone’s zig, you want trunks. This is a popular new silhouette akin to 1960s era swim trunks. A retro nouveau style that gives you boxer brief package support, while giving you lots of thigh flaunt and freedom.

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