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A Better Way To Do Nothing

There have been few monumental advances in the field of improved laziness. We can all agree that most innovation is built around the concept of making you more efficiently lazy. Between the remote control and those sofas with cupholders, you would think that as far as chillin’ is concerned there is no further for us to go as a species. You would be wrong. Turns out there is a next level. You can do ‘just hanging out’ way better. The next level is all new Pair of Thieves lounge pants and lounge shorts. These are incredibly comfortable bottoms that would have your lower parts completely resenting you for not finding these goods sooner, if not for how good it made them feel. Setting aside the SuperSoft fabrication that feel somewhere in between your favorite blanket and realizing Monday is a no-work holiday, these pieces also look really sharp too. So, really comfy sleepy time clothes you can wear in public without looking like you escaped from a place.