Grinding Pavement

Grinding Pavement

“Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” “Don’t eat before everyone else at the table has been served.” “Don’t play ‘I’ve got your nose!’ with the debt collector.” If there’s one thing society loves, it’s don’ts and rules. But you know what? Some rules were made to be broken, baby! Like the one where you “shouldn’t show up to BMX crew StillPour’s headquarters uninvited.” That’s exactly what we did. Lucky for us, they were game to play.


All Roads Lead to Portland


There’s magic in meeting people you click with. In finding a community of like-minded individuals who just get it and in turn, get you.


That’s how StillPour Founder, Ramon, felt when he moved to Portland, Oregon in 2008.


From his “training wheels days” to days of getting around his hometown of San Francisco, Ramon has always loved biking for sport, transportation, and as a “staple of fun.” But it was when he relocated to Portland that Ramon’s cycling “really took off.” 


“I was hanging out and meeting some of the most friendly, positive, people, whom I later found out were legendary BMX riders. That really sparked the fire.” 


Soon after, the BMX collective StillPour was born.



Rebels With a Cause


The group, which remains headquartered in Portland, facetiously notes on its website, “most know StillPour for our cycling shenanigans.” But the group makes more than mischief. With their expert, first-hand knowledge, StillPour creates and sells bike parts right out of their very own shop. StillPour members come from all walks of life and are united by their common passion for biking.


Inclusivity has been important to their mission from the beginning. “We wanted to welcome and support anyone, it never mattered what you had but what you stood for, it never was about what tricks you could do but the support and positive vibes you brought. After 10 years that core mentality hasn’t changed and never will."



Game Recognizing Game


We felt the same magic meeting and riding with StillPour as Ramon did first arriving in Portland. They’re non-conforming, maverick spirits we aspire to live like. Hopefully, they enjoyed hanging out with us too.



Dirt-Ready for Everything


When asked, “what does ‘Ready for Everything’ mean to you?” Roman described it as “a mindset,” one that pushes you to “get after it, send it, to live it up.”



About Pair of Thieves

We make socks, underwear, shirts, loungewear, and face masks that are as stylish as they are functional. From the black-tie party to the blacklight after party, Pair of Thieves basics don’t skip a beat.



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