Shipping + Returns


We ship with Standard (USPS). Shipping is free for all orders over $50. If your order is less than $50, shipping will be calculated based on weight plus a $3 handling fee. Priority Mail Express shipping is calculated based on weight plus a 15% upcharge.

Returns + Exchanges

Within the first thirty (30) days from purchase, we will provide a full refund for any merchandise purchased through the Site once the product has been shipped by you and received in our facility. Requests for refunds must be accompanied by a proof of purchase. Refunds apply to merchandise which is still in new condition and has not been worn. We apologize, but we cannot issue refunds for purchases made in a retail store other than our Site.

If a claim is made that the merchandise which was purchased through our Site is damaged or defective, we will provide a replacement product or a full refund within thirty (30) days from the date you ship the product and it is received in our facility, so long as the damage or defect is caused by normal wear and not by misuse of the product. For any returns after thirty (30) days, we offer a credit towards other future merchandise purchases.

If you purchased the product in a retail store other than our Site and the product is damaged or defective, you will need to return the product to the store where you made the purchase. If you have already made efforts to return a damaged or defective product to the store, and the store no longer carries the same product, contact us and we may be able to provide a replacement product, subject to availability, or provide a credit toward future purchases on our Site.

You can also exchange any product that is in new condition, in its original packaging and accompanied by a proof of purchase as long as you ship it to us and it is received by us within ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. The exchange would be good for a product of equal of lesser value. An exchange is only available for products purchased on our Site. Any difference in the price paid for the original merchandise verses the retail price of the replacement merchandise will be refunded to you. For all exchanges, it is your responsibility to pay for all shipping charges and to ensure the merchandise gets back to us.

For all returns and exchanges, it is your responsibility to pay for all shipping charges and to ship the product to 5813 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232. We are not responsible for any returns or exchanges which do not arrive at our office.


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