Buy a Nurse Lunch

Dear lovely humans, For the next 14 days at, we’re redirecting all profits and a butt-load of hours toward helping those on the front lines of this pandemic. SEND THEM MASKS: We’re reallocating our factory resources to sourcing and shipping N95 masks to hospitals, firehouses, and markets. BUY A NURSE LUNCH: We’re buying emergency departments lunch. It’s a small way to say “thank you” for taking care of our sick, from those lucky enough to work from home. Thanks to all the wonderful support we’ve gotten from customers over the years, we’re now able to support others in a time of need, and we plan on doing so in various ways. If you have any ideas on how else we can best help, please share at Stay positive, help from home! -Cash, David, and Alan

Say Thanks!

Thanks to all the people in our hospitals working so hard!!!

- Alex

Huge shout-out to all of the first responders out there fighting the good fight! Thank you for being so brave through such trying times.

- Charlie

And thanks PoT for this generous donation to the ones helping us all through this.

- Thank you all of you on the front lines!

Everyone that still has to go to their jobs during these times is a real MVP. Thinking about everyone out there putting themselves on the line. Thank you everyone! THANK YOU!

- John

My mom's a nurse! You're vital! Keep your chins up!

- Vadym

Your bravery and selflessness is never doubted in your line of work, but it’s on full display and being tested like never before. Thank you for everything and know the world sees you and appreciates you.

- Stacy

Thank you

- Karen

Thank you to all the nurses and doctors in the US

- Michelle

Thank you Alan, and pairofthieves, for your kindness and support during these uncertain times. For supporting hospitals and nurses on the frontlines with food and especially masks! Your kindness is much appreciated! Keep up the incredible work. Thankful for companies, such as yours that give back during trying times!

- Alena Romanyuk

PoT is the best - huge morale lift to our crew in the ED!! More support than a pair of boxer briefs!

- Jeremy

Thank you for all that you are doing!

- David

Thank u to everyone including bus drivers (like my husband) out there risking their lives for everyone! You're all heros!👏💜

- Kristyn Smith

Cannot thank you all enough for your generosity during this time! I am an RN in the Emergency Department at Providence Portland. My coworkers and I appreciate you beyond measure- for the Chipotle, PPE, and kind words. Your acts of graciousness will not be forgotten by many. Thank you!

- Hayley Irby

Thank you to all the first responders and those we often forget about, like prison workers and staff... they are often the last to receive support in a very confined environment where disease can spread quickly. Lots of love to all helping out there.

- Albert

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The only thing us ER staff like more than free lunch is free PPE💗 - a grateful nurse

- Sam

Thank you for the wonderful lunch!

- Sarah Holland

Thank you for the wonderful lunch!

- Sarah Holland

Thank you so much for the Chipotle lunch you sent us at Providence! It was so appreciated! Locale

- Kinsey

Thank you for serving on the front lines of our biggest threat and showing the bravery we all need in this time. I’m always so thankful for our medical professionals, but even more so in the face of this pandemic.

- Joey

There aren’t enough free lunches in the world to express how thankful we all are for the tireless work you are doing to help all of these patients. Hopefully this is a nice start though :)

- Amy Baker

Thank you so much for your kind lunch in the ER. Those kind of thoughtful gestures make such a difference for us in our moral.

- Kara Davies

Thank you SO MUCH for what you’re doing. You’re literally putting your life on the line for people you don’t even know. I appreciate you so much, and I owe you a debt I could never repay.

- Derrick N.

I want to thank all the nurses and medical staff who is front line on this and taking great care of patients but also taking care of themselves. I want to say to my wife thank you for all you do as a nurse and at home. I love you and I know you’re so appreciated.

- Andy

Thank you for all you do!

- Judith

Thanks to all the doctors and nurses who helped this devastating virus.

- Jenny

Thank you to everyone working the frontlines. We’re all truly grateful for your selflessness. True heroes!

- Byron

As a nurse right now, seeing the support from one of my favorite brands touches my heart!!

- Nurse Anna

I want to express my gratitude to all of you for putting your lives on the line, and giving your energy and time to help save others. You guys are heroes.

- Peyton

To the doctors, nurses, first responders, really everyone that is out there putting the health and well-being of everyone else before themselves are the real superheroes of this world. Your tireless work has inspired so many acts of kindness that this world desperately needs!

- Kevin

Thank you to all of the nurses, doctors, staff at the grocery stores, and everyone else who still report to work! And thank you PoT for giving back in such a beautiful way!

- Kristina

I come from a family of medical professionals, so on behalf of my family and fellow colleagues, a HUGE THANK YOU for helping during this time.

- Kathleen Silmaro

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