National Sock Day

December 4th Marks National Sock Day

National Day Calendar declared National Sock Day in October of 2016.

Pair of Thieves founded National Sock Day on December 4 to warm our toes with the commemoration of two toe-tapping historical events that happened on this day. In 1954, the final curtain fell on the first revival of the Broadway musical On Your Toes. The Rogers and Hammerstein production first made its debut in 1936 and was unique in that it incorporated ballet with a traditional musical genre. The popular musical was again revived in 1984.

The second occurred in 1991 on the stage of the Murphy Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The final concert for the mother-daughter duo known as the Judds took place ending a chart-topping country career that kept toes two stepping and filling boots for a long time to come. Daughter Wynonna continued on a successful solo career, and while mother Naomi joined her from time to time, even on a year-long tour in 2010, the Murphy Center concert is still considered the Judds final show.

For every hashtag #nationalsockday, we donate a pair of socks to those in need, up to 1 million pairs!

So spread the word with the hashtag #nationalsockday to help, and have a great time today, Happy National Sock Day to you and yours.

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