Chores in Drawers

We’ve genetically engineered the perfect man to do all your household chores.

Chores in Drawers

Meet Pita: the perfect man.

Founder Cash Warren has been so busy slinging socks and undies, he was neglecting his household chores. He needed a way to crush it at the office and at home. Jessica Alba, his wife, had a birthday coming up. So, Cash threw on the lab coat, warmed up the microscopes, and got all Weird Science in the lab. He created the perfect husband replacement for her birthday gift. Equipped with washboard abs and wearing only the comfiest underwear on the planet, Pita is programmed to handle all your household chores.


Super computer brain

Dates are never forgotten. Pita’s neural network super computer brain never misses a birthday or anniversary.

Dexterous robot hands

Dust or clean dishes 12X faster than the normal husband. Gentle enough for foot and shoulder rubs.

Bionic legs of steel

Whether it’s picking up the kiddos or vacuuming, Pita does it like a pro.


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